Tuesday, 20 September 2011

been a while...

Hello, sorry for utter rubishness! Life has changed somewhat!
different job, different outlook and positive future (or so i keep saying!)

Few things i've been investing my time in recently il name just a few: Birmingham Half marathon -oh sweet lord! need to get training and soon.
Been a nice turnaround in clothing recently (autumn/winter) although i hate the thought of winter coming-dark mornings and dark nights not to mention the cold, HOWEVER i am cushioned by this devastating blow by the enticement of warm clothing! Put a fave up from (who else) Superdry!
Other news in the home ware front i've re discovered Dwell, some cool crap in that shop including a mental silver T-rex... who doesn't want one!?

Been fortunate to go see a friend in an am-dram show last weekend which makes me feel inspired to get involved with something. Good luck getting me on a stage though :/ to show my support i bought a great book called The Polaroid Book from Taschen cool history of polaroids with some great visuals and essays from Hitchcock.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Daisy Pulls It Off...

I went to see an amazing production last week, its called 'Daisy pulls It Off' at the Leamington Loft Theatre. It ran from the 6th-16th July. You could tell that the company didn't have a massive budget however this didn't affect what was to be an intense scene setting performance.
Each scene was painted out in such clarity using little props to create structure, it allowed the viewer to enhance the raw quality of the show and put a personal imagination spin on the outcome.
The cast were equally enchanting, never stepping out of character, not during the interval or at the ending which lead the viewer to truly believe we were in a school hall (where the performance was set) !

If you ever get a chance to see this... GO!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

i've let my debit card down :(

River Island 20.00 from 40.00 b.a.r.g.a.i.n.

I climbed a fricking mountain!


Took us 4/5 hours give or take a tea stop at the halfway house cafe to climb the 3,560ft (1085m) tall mountain. I've never climbed a mountain before… cross that off the list!

My legs are still feeling the pain of mountaineering (it hurt more coming down). Thoroughly enjoyed it, with the added plus of staying at Plas Dinas Hotel B&B and meeting some great new friends who I've heard a lot about… good to put some faces to the stories! haha.

Thankyou very much to Carlton for making this happen, much appreciated… just please don't make me dig you another pond though!

In other news… local…ish Am Dram needs some volunteers. Oh dear.


Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Snowdonia… im'a coming!

Hello, hope everyone is just having a lush beginning to their week! My week has started with a chuffing parking ticket! FANKS. and to top that off my work experience cant be started till i have a CRB. I don't even like kids sheesh!

Moving on... I am hopefully going to venture to Snowdon this weekend and have a bit of a climb over the part of the 823 square miles of landscape! So i'm prepared to pack my waterproofs and wellys! …photos to come shortly!

I've noticed the chill in the air recently which is shit because summer seems to be over before its begun… thank gwad for sunbeds! :/ Eitherway its time to crack out the knitwear/cardi! Bring on spring sale…

French Connection€27.00 (was 89.00)

Jack Wills: 49.00 (was 79.00)

Topman: 30.00

Thursday, 7 July 2011

This year...

Wow ok, sorry for being a slack ass so to speak! hope all is well with my many thousand readers! ;)
What a great few weeks, been jobless and i've never been so busy! From pond building to biking and day festivals to career change- i still maybe broke but at least i'm rocking it in style!

I've been having a great laugh the last few months, this year has gone so well on so many different levels (all except for career wise. HA. ) and its mainly thanks to certain friends who deserve a bit more recognition than i can give right now.

Seen some amazing shows over the last few months, Hedwig and the Angry Inch/Wizz both great productions so highly recommended.
Been broke hasn't stopped my impulsive buying ways... eek! I've got hold of a nice vintage set of milk bottles which i'm hoping to sell along with some carefully sourced vintage items and craft with a website called 'Canary' launched later this year! so go check it out! :D
Career wise i'm volunteering as a clinical photographer, great chance to build up my portfolio so il be sure to keep you posted on how that goes!
the next few weeks are going to keep me busy i'm sure, i want to organise a trip from Landsend to John O'Groats which could be AMAZING!

OKAY... im off- stay safe kids x

Sunday, 12 June 2011

RAIN? lets spend some cash...

Love that feeling when you know you have some money coming your way... not that i do, my STUPID job agency just don't pay me properly so its delayed! ANYWAYS, i had to spend some of my hard earned cash on certain summer essentials!!

firstly, Toms: american sizes and advised to try them on without socks because they stretch anyway- don't worry if they feel too tight! free flag too haha
red Toms: 33.00

The Body Shop body butters: moisturisers essential
-Coconut (for dry skin) and an aroma of nostalgic holidays!
-Grapefruit for a fresh morning wake up smell :D

River Island Beach bag: great sor summer, most likely use this as an overnight bag. Got a really good beach feel with brown handles or a white fabric shoulder strap. Great as an all rounder!

enjoy x

Tuesday, 7 June 2011



i think this would complete me. *shallow* ha thats all.
$139 Rayban

Friday, 20 May 2011

taking the michael...

hello one and all! sorry for the lack of blog posts recently, i have been jobless (which really is no fun at all!) hence no spending monies on stuff to talk about! :(


righty, i have a few beauts to share, firstly H&M have stepped up a bit in the jeans department! i've always found their clothing to be ill fitting, but theres that rare (and i mean flipping rare!!) time when you'll find something that will fit your body perfect..ish!

to start, casual aptly named SLIQ (low waist/slim leg) stlye jean. easily to mess around with as they have no funny iron in fake creases! i had a quick go at turning up and 3/4 length which seemed all dandy. 19.99

next this old school classic animation tee (Donald/Mickey) from Divided @H&M whopping 12.99 pennies-BOOM yeh!

finally, Superdry flip-flops 19.99 pretty standard but good to have a great quality flip flop! find that these pair are quite wide though, not great unless you have wide feet!

got some good things in the pipeline, FANCY DRESS TOO PERHAPS HA … eeep x

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Lifes really really good.

Currently life is a drug despite my job prospects! Im a happy Bunny, as is this tee.
14.99 -Mr McCloud.com


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Superdry Hood- 49.99 (various colours)


Forever21 covers three floors in Birmingham Bullring- and as per flipping usual the mens section is an equivalent store cupboard! However there is no chance of making any text book mistakes as 90% of the clothing featured is bang up to date! There's no trawling through colossal mid season jumble sales here-just one simple and easily ignorable rack!
This shop is the first of it's kind moved over from America... But it's truly British at heart!
I'm mainly focusing on tees as summer feels so close and the last few weeks has seen some (frankly) glorious days!

I've bought the majority of tees stock which in itself is utter sin, but the sizes and cuts are just right... That's hard to find! Above shows five of my tees various designs and ranging from 3.95-14.00 great British pounds from your hard earned cash! ...worth every penny!
They Feature a thin/versatile stretchy fabric which is long torso friendly! Only downfall is perhaps the life time may be compensated for price. Ultimately you always get what you pay for!

Another recent summer night buy was the Superdry cosy hoodie thats above- comes in at 49.99 but completely worth it for thick fabric that has every detail catered for. A simple buy that won't be regretted!

Saturday, 16 April 2011


Just yesterday I found myself obtaining this little number, its an amazing shirt! Obviously gives a nice (and well overdue) snippet to summer!
Washbasket Short Sleve-Superdry.

...heres a summer track to go along with it:

This got me to thinking about checks never-ending versatility, festivals to folk barn dances/rain or shine you can bet theres a check to suit the situation. By layering the style you can create an array of different looks, because lets face it- check chic isn't always cheap. Anyway, you can always play it safe with a couple of different styles and still look the part.
Forever 21 is having a 'illegitimate' sale at the moment, most things i've found are not even advertised as reduced until you get to the till... golden moment!! -photos to come.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Being fairly broke does nothing for a guy blog that harks on about nice things to buy.... HOWEVER we can always window shop... right? eugh sends shivers down my spine! haha
ok, just a quickie! Not really into them tees with mr men or cartoon characters on... just find them a bit gimmicky but this tee is incredible.
14.99 from truffle shuffle but only seem to have XL in stock... bad times (think some googling around would sort you out though)
peace x

Sunday, 27 March 2011


hair, not a massive difference... but it feels alot better!! :D

The last 4/5 years i've followed the same mid-2000's style with little deviation and some accidental shocking almost mullet like moments! YIKES!
Today this is going to change... short back and sides with a layered top and fringe. I'm scared to have my melon hacked into but its deffo for the best ha! y'all shall see in a short few hours.
One more vital step away from the Bieber.

The image is from Bottega Veneta spring collection 2009 but by no means outdated, nice juxtaposition of the turning trend in mens hair. May attempt the 'slick' look also, then again i don't want to look like hitler. no.

Photo to follow...

Saturday, 26 March 2011

let the sun shine...

I've been scouring around as its been an amazingly nice week (weather-wise) for some goodies... heres a sample.

Superdry shorts 44.99
H&M Cargo Pants 19.99
Toms Red Canvass Classic 33.00

Sunday, 20 March 2011

oi oi sailer...

-Asos wide scoop neck tee 15
borderline wheres wally, but i'm avoiding blue because its everywhere.
-Asos anchor belt buckle 15
not exactly a new style but its subtle and not as in your face as a giant anchor print/pendant. Simple and cool.
shouldn't get this combo... but its safe to say i probably will... just in-time for dress down friday!

notebook boutique

le petit prince.
Limited edition Moleskine... amazing.
£10.49 Amazon

tempted to pre-order.....

ok i shall.

top tees wish list #1

Im a massive tee fan, otherwise id be half naked relying on shirts to do all the hard work. So given the chance to get three tees for under 80 smackers heres my choice.
Incidentally if anyone wants to give me 80 smackers then that would be greatly accepted with little reluctance. Yes ive got no pride.

From left to right
1/ Lazy Oaf, its not like the movies tee £25
2/Theadless, RED $10
3/ Urban Outfitters, Edwin Locomotion slub tee £38

beach prep...

H&M 3.99
WHSmith 2.79
Just to clarify... im not going to a beach but its always good to be prepared!!

end of a crap era...

The disposable clothing of that cheap shop beginning with 'P' (can't bring myself to say it) may be coming to an end!! eep- did get this like last year though!

Easy like sunday morning...

Some times you'll see something that you think is just totally amazing, you probably shouldn't buy it but can't resist!
I found this lovely man-broach that i have absolutely no use for :/

... but isn't it pretty! And the best darn 8 squid i've spent in a long time!

P.s I did forget to mention it stabbed me in my face asleep last night as its not on a cushion. Not so easy like sunday morning after all!! Lets have a roast!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Chop Introduction

OKAY here goes, my first non-photo blog. Well I don't want to be too harsh so maybe I shall have a few photos, or possible a vid or two? Yeh not too much I don't want to over-do it!

Righty I guess I better give ya’ll some background... Im a photography graduate with little to do with photography, I spend most of my wages from the bank I work at (sore story I shan't bore you) on clothing and such the like. I cant stress how much money I waste on stupid crap, so I shall vent via this and maybe that would justify it a bit more?! Right today was a mile-stone, the sky in sunny Stourbridge was big and bright but yet full of deception, there I was, geared up for a Saturday of sun. Jean shorts and Parisian long sleeved tee all set and ready on for a day of frolics and possible an early tanning opportunity.... NAIVE. Bitterly cold no-joke-of-a-lie! But as i’d made such an effort to feel sunny I sat in the conservatory and chatted to my chop friend Klee via Ichat! Short, sweet (and as bitterly hopeless as my day) story to kick this off but true non-the-less! Hope you look forward to hearing the ways and woes of my day to day life. chops out.