Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Superdry Hood- 49.99 (various colours)


Forever21 covers three floors in Birmingham Bullring- and as per flipping usual the mens section is an equivalent store cupboard! However there is no chance of making any text book mistakes as 90% of the clothing featured is bang up to date! There's no trawling through colossal mid season jumble sales here-just one simple and easily ignorable rack!
This shop is the first of it's kind moved over from America... But it's truly British at heart!
I'm mainly focusing on tees as summer feels so close and the last few weeks has seen some (frankly) glorious days!

I've bought the majority of tees stock which in itself is utter sin, but the sizes and cuts are just right... That's hard to find! Above shows five of my tees various designs and ranging from 3.95-14.00 great British pounds from your hard earned cash! ...worth every penny!
They Feature a thin/versatile stretchy fabric which is long torso friendly! Only downfall is perhaps the life time may be compensated for price. Ultimately you always get what you pay for!

Another recent summer night buy was the Superdry cosy hoodie thats above- comes in at 49.99 but completely worth it for thick fabric that has every detail catered for. A simple buy that won't be regretted!

Saturday, 16 April 2011


Just yesterday I found myself obtaining this little number, its an amazing shirt! Obviously gives a nice (and well overdue) snippet to summer!
Washbasket Short Sleve-Superdry.

...heres a summer track to go along with it:

This got me to thinking about checks never-ending versatility, festivals to folk barn dances/rain or shine you can bet theres a check to suit the situation. By layering the style you can create an array of different looks, because lets face it- check chic isn't always cheap. Anyway, you can always play it safe with a couple of different styles and still look the part.
Forever 21 is having a 'illegitimate' sale at the moment, most things i've found are not even advertised as reduced until you get to the till... golden moment!! -photos to come.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Being fairly broke does nothing for a guy blog that harks on about nice things to buy.... HOWEVER we can always window shop... right? eugh sends shivers down my spine! haha
ok, just a quickie! Not really into them tees with mr men or cartoon characters on... just find them a bit gimmicky but this tee is incredible.
14.99 from truffle shuffle but only seem to have XL in stock... bad times (think some googling around would sort you out though)
peace x