Friday, 20 May 2011

taking the michael...

hello one and all! sorry for the lack of blog posts recently, i have been jobless (which really is no fun at all!) hence no spending monies on stuff to talk about! :(


righty, i have a few beauts to share, firstly H&M have stepped up a bit in the jeans department! i've always found their clothing to be ill fitting, but theres that rare (and i mean flipping rare!!) time when you'll find something that will fit your body perfect..ish!

to start, casual aptly named SLIQ (low waist/slim leg) stlye jean. easily to mess around with as they have no funny iron in fake creases! i had a quick go at turning up and 3/4 length which seemed all dandy. 19.99

next this old school classic animation tee (Donald/Mickey) from Divided @H&M whopping 12.99 pennies-BOOM yeh!

finally, Superdry flip-flops 19.99 pretty standard but good to have a great quality flip flop! find that these pair are quite wide though, not great unless you have wide feet!

got some good things in the pipeline, FANCY DRESS TOO PERHAPS HA … eeep x

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Lifes really really good.

Currently life is a drug despite my job prospects! Im a happy Bunny, as is this tee.
14.99 -Mr