Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Snowdonia… im'a coming!

Hello, hope everyone is just having a lush beginning to their week! My week has started with a chuffing parking ticket! FANKS. and to top that off my work experience cant be started till i have a CRB. I don't even like kids sheesh!

Moving on... I am hopefully going to venture to Snowdon this weekend and have a bit of a climb over the part of the 823 square miles of landscape! So i'm prepared to pack my waterproofs and wellys! …photos to come shortly!

I've noticed the chill in the air recently which is shit because summer seems to be over before its begun… thank gwad for sunbeds! :/ Eitherway its time to crack out the knitwear/cardi! Bring on spring sale…

French Connection€27.00 (was 89.00)

Jack Wills: 49.00 (was 79.00)

Topman: 30.00

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