Wednesday, 20 July 2011

I climbed a fricking mountain!!

Took us 4/5 hours give or take a tea stop at the halfway house cafe to climb the 3,560ft (1085m) tall mountain. I've never climbed a mountain before… cross that off the list!

My legs are still feeling the pain of mountaineering (it hurt more coming down). Thoroughly enjoyed it, with the added plus of staying at Plas Dinas Hotel B&B and meeting some great new friends who I've heard a lot about… good to put some faces to the stories! haha.

Thankyou very much to Carlton for making this happen, much appreciated… just please don't make me dig you another pond though!

In other news… local…ish Am Dram needs some volunteers. Oh dear.



  1. well done man
    really is a great achievement
    I imagine doing something like that
    must have a huge (everlasting) impact on you
    real cool
    - George

  2. it was pretty ace, didn't realise till we got down that theres an massive cafe bar just past the summit! goddamit.
    Loving your site blog man.

  3. that's pretty funny
    even though I'm sure you could've done with that stop at
    the time(!) - I think it would've changed the whole dynamic
    and the elation you felt when you reached the bottom ...
    you know that whole 'butterfly effect, you change 1 little
    thing, you change everything

    cheers for saying that ... I've always liked your blog, can't
    even remember how I found it ... liked your cool style
    - George