Tuesday, 20 September 2011

been a while...

Hello, sorry for utter rubishness! Life has changed somewhat!
different job, different outlook and positive future (or so i keep saying!)

Few things i've been investing my time in recently il name just a few: Birmingham Half marathon -oh sweet lord! need to get training and soon.
Been a nice turnaround in clothing recently (autumn/winter) although i hate the thought of winter coming-dark mornings and dark nights not to mention the cold, HOWEVER i am cushioned by this devastating blow by the enticement of warm clothing! Put a fave up from (who else) Superdry!
Other news in the home ware front i've re discovered Dwell, some cool crap in that shop including a mental silver T-rex... who doesn't want one!?

Been fortunate to go see a friend in an am-dram show last weekend which makes me feel inspired to get involved with something. Good luck getting me on a stage though :/ to show my support i bought a great book called The Polaroid Book from Taschen cool history of polaroids with some great visuals and essays from Hitchcock.


  1. welcome back

    I think you should go for it! - but would
    I follow my own advice onto a stage - hell no!!
    but it's different when you're telling someone
    else!! you could just go check it out and if
    it feels like fun, you'll just wanna do it
    - and any worries will have gone

    cool parka - I bought the ltd edition
    who quadrophenia replica a few years back
    a.bit.pricey - but worth it(!)

    The Polaroid Book looks real good - have to
    investigate that!!

    I'm constantly inspired by your marathons/
    mountain climbing endeavours!!
    - George

  2. Ha ha, Cheers G!
    Yeah we shall see how my life in show biz works out!

    Love the parker, i had a quicksilver one a few years back... utterly timeless in style but it was just massive so it had to go! last year i even had a vintage retro mod parker (no furry hood mind) but again that was humongous!
    oh well, maybe il invest this year and see not take the parents advice of 'you'll need growing room' (only joking!) il just aim for one that actually fits for a change!

    im no inspiration, i just get myself involved in these things and somehow manage to get through them... hope this doesn't kill me off mind! :/ haha

    cheers for comment,
    catch you later!


  3. funny you mention buying clothes too big!!
    in my defence it was in a top man sale and was just happy
    it was a fake leather jacket (biker style) that actually *was*
    just like leather - and half price at £40 - I not only bought one
    but snapped up 2 - oh yes!! everytime I've worn it the width has
    bothered me ... it would honestly fit tom hardy's size in his
    new film

    re: getting on that stage(!) while I've not done that, I did
    do something this year I never thought I would ... I did this
    STREET DANCE(!!) - irony right there(!) - class at my gym
    - and even though I was so slow learning it - it was fun
    and not as bad as I had expected it to be ... but lots of
    things are like that ... incentive spur you on bit over!

    any kind of running I find inspiring cause I know how hard just
    jogging in the street+the gym is - marathons are a whole new

  4. you make me laugh. LOVE TOPMAN SALE. (sos for late reply!)