Monday, 12 March 2012

I'm back....

It's a sad state of affairs when you haven't posted a blog update in a while because you can remember your user details... Welcome password reset!

Anyways things have been chugging on pretty steady, happier in general and got lots of things happening this year. Mud Runner at the end of April- a 10k run with 10 army style obstacles... Joy! Il be sure to keep you updated!
Post will commence on a weekly basis I assure you all dear friends!!!!
This is chops FYI.


  1. haha I saw this post in my dashboard and
    went '' ... it rings a bell
    ... then I remembered(!!) you're back!!!
    - finally mr!!!! had me worried, so many
    blogs I like either just disappear or
    never post again ... CHOPS is a *person* ??!!
    I thought it was some metaphor about you+your
    blog!! just getting over the shock of a post
    and now this!!!

    that run sounds brutal!! I just started
    (again) going out 6ish in the morning
    we'll see how long I can keep that up for!!

    passwords = yep constant problems.
    made me smile that it had been so
    long that you had forgotten your blog
    one! funny youtube WHAT'S MY PASSWORD
    same time/same place 6 months then?!

  2. Agh how annoying! Just wrote a badass long reply and it lost it all (again due to password difficulties!)
    Anyway... Good news on the run, Im well excited for mud runner!! Hate early morning cold runs though! Oh god, the motivation/energy required!! Ha

    Yes, well chops was a generic Uni term (when i was there) hence blog, but it's since been adopted by my partner!
    My Uni friends always used to say that anyone can be a chop!

    Anyway cheers for the comment!

  3. Funny video by the way!!! Ha password.

  4. password problems already!??
    you best just use PASSWORD then!!:)
    I hate it when you write a long reply
    and go to post it and then I.E 'cannot view
    the page' you go back and the comment box
    is wiped!!!

    thanks for explaining that - now I know!
    and it *is* the most perfect nickname to
    have!! - not surprised it got nabbed!

    hah tell me about it, I don't mind the
    cold, it's the motivation to actually
    get up ... hence setting my BB for 30
    mins earlier so I can snooze it loads
    of times!!!

    ps/I love how they keep saying REALLY
    all the time in the vid!