Monday, 12 March 2012

The Musical...

Okay, I can't sing/dance lets get that sorted from the out set! YET I find my self in the highly unlikely predicament of starring in the local Balsall Common amateur dramatic society summer show!


So you might be thinking I'm pursuing a long life dream or it's an unknown urge deep within me... No, not at all I simply have been talked into singing on stage to an Abba based musical to a bunch of people who I don't know. In short I'm filling my pants

'Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie An Idea'
Written by Yaz


  1. haha I was smiling when I saw the post title.
    going YESSSSS!!!!!

    perfect :) I wondered after the mention last
    time if this was going to get realised - and
    it is!! I love how you've *just* somewhow ended
    up doing it!! - utter horror and admiration is
    what I feel for you!! ... but having said that
    I think the payback from doing it is going to
    supercede anything you could've expected - and
    any fears you have now. that's a guarantee.
    if this isn't the case, you can leave lots of
    shaky fist comments and I will feel suitably

    err abba songs - you def gotta do it!!!
    1/abba=feelgood factor. 2/muriel's wedding.
    I rest my case! ... don't back out!!

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